Local Growth

Our Principles



Mount Desert Island native, Teryn Miller is the founder and lead development coordinator of Local Growth, an agricultural design, consulting and networking company that manages home garden plots and commercial spaces for families, restaurants and hospitalities. Local Growth provides education for young students and cultivates community relationships to bring the fruits of the land to everyone, one connection at a time.

We specialize in creating growing plans that are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of business and home kitchens, while providing consistent production through an extended season. We source Non-GMO seeds acclimatized to our Maine coast from local growers and producers. We focus on building soil fertility through extreme plant and vegetable diversity, creating a symbiotic system that is not only visually stunning, but deliciously edible. We aim to inspire others with transparent, sustainable practices and invite our community to partake in the seasonal abundance of growing food closer to where it's eaten.




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OUR Guiding Principles


In our modern agricultural landscape, no-trespassing signs, business trade secrets, and sales targets transform our neighbors and friends into dollars and cents. There is an undeniable separation between the growers and the eaters. Our aim is to reestablish these important connections and for producers to work with their consumers to further our collective wealth and knowledge. Creating a transparently sourced system will show newcomers the possibilities of providing for themselves, while simultaneously teaching interested folks and families the benefits of local agriculture.

Land Stewardship

There is an unlimited abundance beneath our feet. Organic matter in the soil creates a biologically diverse system of health and fertility. While nutrient rich soil provides short-term benefits such as increased flavor, disease resilience and pest mitigation, it also provides long-term benefits to the bacterial and fungal networks that interconnect life at all levels. Through good soil tilth, reduced disturbance, and holistic land management, we as stewards of this earth can understand it's carrying capacity and what it takes to build lasting wealth in our backyards and neighborhoods.

Community Education

We believe that our societal health is based upon a tight-knit community of neighbors supporting each other. We develop relationships with community members who offer their unique wisdoms, resources and energy to the ever changing equation of collective sustainability.  We seek to demonstrate the advantages of a local resilient system to newcomers interested in this lifestyle. Through peer to peer learning, visceral teachings, and open communication we can all enjoy the bounty of seasonality and preparing food for our customers, friends, and families.


In business, we aim to set our goals based on lasting quality, valuing customer loyalty, designing jobs that attract an enthusiastic workforce, and no longer seeing clients as dollars, but as neighbors. Pure innovation arises once people realize their surrounding community of resources, and the untapped potential within. Creating a dependable network of synergistic relationships fundamentally cultivates local growth.