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A culinary garden is the perfect accent for your property, commercial kitchen or business facade; bringing beautiful colors and fresh flavors that will leave a lasting impression on customers, friends and family throughout the season. Displaying exactly where your unique herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers are grown will provide a memorable experience, while completely utilizing the flavorful, nutrient-rich ingredients only steps away from your kitchen. By producing the crops you want at quantities personalized for your needs, food waste and industrial costs are nominal compared to traditional sourcing. Not only incredibly functional, a culinary garden is a conversation piece that improves the mood of staff, patrons, and passersby. People will love the oasis of aromatic herbs, bright edible flowers, and lush leafy greens.

DESIGned to produce.

Whether you have infrastructure already in place, or are designing a garden from scratch, our knowledgable coordinators will help you understand the productive capacity of your land. We assess the entire landscape and design an individualized plan, specific to your site's light levels, irrigation availability, soil health, and desired production quantities. Our greenhouse starts the successive plantings of your chosen crops and transplants the healthy seedlings into your garden at their most generative growth stages. By utilizing dense bed spacing, low-flow irrigation, crop rotation, and vertical trellising techniques, we cut back the weeding and watering costs that are commonly associated with garden management. 

By taking advantage of your available kitchen, we eliminate the packing, distribution and selling markups that are placed on store bought herbs and vegetables. Our service cuts down on the plastic packaging, vehicle transportation emissions, and subsidized environmental costs of our current industrial food system. We offer a wide range of edible plants to add to your garden and are more than happy to discuss additional unique and rare cultivars not listed in our catalog. Below is a list of important information that we will ask you about during the initial on-site visit. Please familiarize yourself with this information to facilitate a swift and informative consultation.


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